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Heating and Cooling Services

in Acton, MA

Dodge Cooling and Heating is here to support our customers in Acton, MA.  We will provide the most efficient solution for your Heating and Cooling needs.  Contact us today for all your HVAC needs in Acton, MA.


Email Address


Heating and Cooling Acton MA


187 Billerica Rd, Suite 6

Chel​​msford, MA 01824


What Acton customers are saying

Keith is really knowledgeable and responsive. He helped us evaluated a few different options and installed 2 AC and 2 heaters in a short timeframe. He also take extra steps to adjust my ducts and ventilation to make sure they are compatible well with the new units. He responds to all my questions and concerns in the same day. I would recommend the company to anyone in need of HVAC.

Yu X. - Acton

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