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Are Condenser Covers Good or Bad?

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

It is NOT recommended to cover AC condenser
No Condenser Covers

Many believe condenser covers are a necessity to keep your condensers safe during our snowy New England winters. Contrary to this belief, it is NOT recommended to cover your AC condenser during the winter. Here is why:

1. Outdoor condensers are designed and tested to withstand the elements from extreme heat and extreme cold. No additional protection is needed.

2. When you cover your condenser, you run the risk of moisture and condensation forming within. This can cause your system to rust and can corrode the coils.

3. Covers create the PERFECT home for rodents to make a cozy winter home. Rodent nest can clog the coils and rodents will likely chew through electrical wires.

Still worried about snow getting inside? Cover only the top with a simple piece of plywood and a brick to hold it down.

**HEAT PUMP CONDENSERS used for heating and cooling should NEVER be covered as they are in use all year.**

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