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Why Your Air Filter Gets Clogged

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

The dirtier the air filter, the less efficient your HVAC system is, and the quicker problems can arise! Air filters collect all kinds of pollen, pet fur, dirt, dust, and particles that reduce air flow. Filters not only filter the air in your home, they protect the sensitive components of your HVAC system. An unnoticed clogged filter will put strain on your system, parts can fail, and leaks can occur.

Wondering why your air filter gets clogged quickly? Your surrounding environment and lifestyle may be a factor. If you find yourself saying ‘YES’ to 1 or more from the list b​elow, it's beneficial to check and replace air filters every 2 months if clogged:

  • Do you live near a body of water?

  • Do you live in the city?

  • Do you live in a heavy wooded area?

  • Do you have pets?

  • Do you burn candles often?

  • Do you have smokers in the house?

Dodge Cooling and Heating can advise our customers how often to check their air filters in between annual or biannual maintenance. Give us a call!

Clogged Air Filter can cause HVAC system breakdown
Clogged Air Filter

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