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Spring Clean Your HVAC: The Essential Role of Condenser Coils

Spring Clean your HVAC system

As the weather warms up and we all begin our routine ‘Spring Cleaning’, your cooling system should not be overlooked! Whether you have a heat pump to cool your home or a traditional forced air system, they each have components that play a vital role in the heat transfer process that allows the system to cool your home effectively. 

What happens when your condenser is dirty?

The condenser in an air conditioning system is responsible for releasing heat absorbed from indoor spaces and moving it to the outside environment. This allows the refrigerant to cool down and continue the cooling process efficiently. 

When the coils are clogged with dirt, debri, and grime, the amount of air that flows through the unit is greatly reduced. If air cannot freely flow and heat cannot escape, your system will be under a lot of strain!

  • Systems efficiency is greatly decrease

  • Increase energy bills

  • Increased noise from condenser

Or worse…

  • Evaporator coils can freeze

  • Capacitors will burn out 

  • Fan motors can seize

These are costly repairs that can be avoided with an Annual Spring Maintenance. Call Dodge Cooling and Heating today to schedule your Spring Maintenance!

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